When are the events?

Generally speaking, our events take place the second Thursday of every month — mark your calendar and RSVP!

Where are the events?

Unless otherwise noted, our events will always be held at the Downtown Event Center (DEC) in Idaho Falls.

The address: 480 Park Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

There is ample parking throughout the downtown area, but if you’re worried about finding a spot, come a few minutes early!

What’s the dress code?

With the exception of a select few (we’ll let you know when these are), our events are casual dress — but keep an eye out for our themed events! This information will be noted in the event description and in the confirmation email you’ll receive after you RSVP.

Are kids allowed?

We love your children, but our events are not suited for children. Please keep them at home unless it’s an open-to-the-public event or otherwise noted.

Yes! We choose to do this on purpose. We are about collaboration and not competition.

Do you allow more than one member in the same industry?

If a member has more than one business that she wants to represent, the member will need to pay a membership for each business. Exceptions may take place when doing a Marketplace Booth or when an event allows for representation of more than one of the member’s businesses. Only one person per business. Partnerships may choose one person to attend or pay a full fee and ½ for both people.

Can I represent more than one business?